Peyman Vahedi, Monica Cornetti and An Coppens talk to Jan Bidner of Gamificationfredag on the topic Education and Gamification. A topic which concerns all of the guests in different ways. As parents, as educators, gamification designers and as part of the school system. Learning is central in every part of life and should be enjoyable and engaging. But many schools fail to engage their students. This is a big problem.

Peyman who is a principal at a swedish school has managed to turn this trend and by using digital tools and gamification and user participation in both designing the experience  and giving teachers more time to figure out how to motivate and engage their students. Being courageous has proven to be a way of success and has lifted the whole muncipality.  Against all odds. Or maybe not. Maybe Gamification is a way of success. Our conclusion is that gamification is soon common sense.

We also talked about sir Ken Robinson and his TED talk Death Valley of Education and also the presentation “Don’t forget to play at University!” from day 2 of the conference held  by Professor Juan Pablo Ordoñez and his experiences from using cards similar to MAGIC the Gathering in education.

We also talk about creativity, punsihments vs rewards, intrinsic motivation, core activity, extrinsic motivation and passing tests, culture, relations, boring, leadership, failure, right vs wrong, cheating, learning, social media, affordable, avaliable, toolbox, stuff, JPO-cards, wonder, skills, philosophy, existencial questions, RAMP, How do we talk about Gamification, motivation, engagement, Gamification for dinosaurs, next GW Meetup, computers and change.


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