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Reflections from Gamification World Conference 2015

This episode of Gamificationfredag is brought to you from the fourth annual Gamification World Congress held in Barcelona (Spain) on the 11th of november this year (2015). It is out one day early only because it can be.

Jan Bidner is talking to gamification expert, speaker and consultant Monica Cornetti, An Coppens Chief Gamechanger at Gamification Nation and Peyman Vahedi, principal of a secondary Upper school in Kramfors about their impressions from the conference.


Foto: Michael Jakobsson

Hey, dont miss out on these …

Link to the agenda of GWC15:

What we talked about among other things:

Trends at the conference, feminine viewpoint, the word Gamification, Lego Serious Play (Alan McShanes session), Sauron and Hobbits from ”Dynamic Composition: Shaping Emotions in Games” by Chris Solarski, take aways from “The Gamification Quest – Best Practices That Ensure Learning Results” by Monica Cornetti and word of say about new analytic tools and concept from “Behavior Analytics: from Descriptive to Prescriptive” by Michael Wu (which we were all sorry to miss. We also mention the panel discussion “State of Gamification in the World” with sidro Rodrigo, An Coppens, Joanna Ioannidou, Pete Jenkins, Daniel Meusburger, Máté Farkas & Cristina Pages, The joy of being among likes, academias impact on making gamification real scientificly proven “Don’t forget to play at University!” Juan Pablo Ordoñez (Game Design Consultant), “Feminine Gamification Views” An Coppens (Gamification Nation), “Gamification for Dinosaurs” Michiel van Eunen (Performance Solutions) and a few other things concerning motivation and engagement.